World's First AI Powered Sports Marketing Suite.


    Artificial Intelligence

    Captures Real Time Match Moments & Converts Into Marketing Content

    Programmatic Integration

    Seamlessly Connects With Your Technology Setup & Improves  Business  Revenue  

    Dynamic Creative Engine

    Produces Millions of Bespoke Creatives in Every Game For Your Audiences & Advertising Partners 


    Moment Marketing

    Capture Real Time Match Moments & Convert Them Into High Performance Digital Campaigns for User Acquisition, Engagement & Business Growth.

    Broadcaster Monetisation

    Plug & Play Monetisation Solutions For Television Broadcasters, Digital Streaming Providers & Other Sports Content Publishers.

    Brand Integration

    Increase Your Advertising Revenue With Bespoke Advertising Packages for Your Partner Brands.

    *Just Launched - Brand Integration & Monetisation packages for IPL2019

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